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No Practice or matches 1 July thru 7 July

Congratulations to our 2018 Spring Champions
The 6th. to 9th. grade tournament was won by the Sprites in a tough 3 set match against the Dragons.
Sprites Team Members:
Tiffany Hayes
Hannah Folb
Sophia Merlino
Jenny Than
Josie Gage
Katrina Nezat
Sprites Coach:
Catie R. Semadeni
The 4th. / 5th. grade tournament was won by the Polar Bears in another tough 3 set match against the Hummingbirds.
Polar Bears Team Members:
Sarah Folb
Kaylin Will
Addison Selzer
Sophie Archuleta
Elsa Ebel
Sophia Taylor
Diana Hunt
Caroline James
Polar Bears Coach:
Anika Larson


Legacy Volleyball Academy

volleyball camps & leagues in Fort Collins

Contact - for more information.

League teams (for our two age groups) are formed based on skill levels, we try to
balance skill levels on each team. For example, each team will have 2 high-level
players, 2 mid-level players and 2 beginner-level players.
Players that are participating in our camps are evaluated over the course of the
camp. Some parents sign kids up for league but not the camp. When this happens,
we reach out to parents to get background information on the player’s skill level.
As our program continues to grow, we can no longer accommodate individual
requests for team assignments and still meet the skill level mix and training focus
of our program. For our summer league alone, we received 15 requests for a
specific night, or to be with specific players or coaches.
At our current location, we only have two nights for league practice for the 4 teams
in the two-age group. Going forward based on the need to keep our teams
balanced, you will receive an e-mail listing team assignment and the day and time
of your daughter’s practice. If your daughter’s team assignment and practice time
will not work for you, you can withdraw her from the program. If we receive your
email withdrawal request before the first day of league, you will receive a full
refund. There are no refunds after the first day of league or camp.

Volleyball League: 25 June to 4 Aug.
League play consists of a 90-min. practice each week plus 1 hour of match play each Saturday. A single elimination tournament will wrap up the league during the last week.

Practice Days: Mon. Tue. or Wed.

Times: 9am to 10:30am

Match Days Saturdays: June 30, July 14,21, 28
Aug. 4 Matches will start at 9:00am
League Fee:
$150 if paid by 16 June ($165 if paid after 16 June)

Financial Assistance available for our programs see our web site for more information

All practices & matches are played at Council Tree Covenant Church; 4825 South Lemay Avenue, Fort Collins, CO