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Congratulations to our 2018 7th. to 9th. Grade Summer League Champions

The tournament was won by the Queens.

Team Members:

Raegan Karhoff , Delisa Perez, Roxy Jacobs , Kailey Kemp, Bethany Crop , Charli Nelson, Andrea Walser.

The Queens were coached by Hermie Corns


Legacy Volleyball Academy

Legacy Volleyball Academy League Formation Policy

League teams (for all age groups) are formed based on skill levels, and we try to balance skill levels on each team.  For example, each team will have 2 high-level players, 2 mid-level players and 2 beginner-level players.

Players participating in our camps are evaluated over the course of the camp.  Some parents sign kids up for league but not the camp.  When this happens, we reach out to parents to get background information on the player’s skill level.  As our program continues to grow, we can no longer accommodate individual requests for team assignments and still meet the skill level mix and training focus of our program.  For our winter league alone, we received 15 requests for a specific night, or to be with specific players or coaches.

At our current location, we only have two nights for league practice for the 4 teams in each age group.  Going forward based on the need to keep our teams balanced, you will receive an e-mail listing team assignments and the day and time of your daughter’s practice.   If your daughter’s team assignment and practice time will not work for you, you can withdraw her from the program.  If we receive your email withdrawal request before the first day of league or camp, you will receive a full refund.  There are no refunds after the first day of league or camp. 

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League play consists of one practice each week plus a match each Saturday with a tournament on the last week. League will be 5 weeks long.


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Outside teams are welcome to join!