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No Practice or matches 1 July thru 7 July

Congratulations to our 2018 Spring Champions
The 6th. to 9th. grade tournament was won by the Sprites in a tough 3 set match against the Dragons.
Sprites Team Members:
Tiffany Hayes
Hannah Folb
Sophia Merlino
Jenny Than
Josie Gage
Katrina Nezat
Sprites Coach:
Catie R. Semadeni
The 4th. / 5th. grade tournament was won by the Polar Bears in another tough 3 set match against the Hummingbirds.
Polar Bears Team Members:
Sarah Folb
Kaylin Will
Addison Selzer
Sophie Archuleta
Elsa Ebel
Sophia Taylor
Diana Hunt
Caroline James
Polar Bears Coach:
Anika Larson


Legacy Volleyball Academy

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               Refund  policy for all Legacy Volleyball Academy programs:
100% refund if you cancel prior to the first day of any camp, league, semi-private or outside teams in our leagues. No refund for cancellations after start of any of our programs.


Legacy Volleyball Academy’s Inclement Weather Policy does not dictate if you do or do not attend any of our programs during Inclement Weather. We will have all scheduled events unless I-25 is closed anywhere between Wellington and Berthoud. If you do not attend scheduled events, there is no reimbursement.If we have to cancel an event due to I-25 closures, events will be rescheduled.

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